Varina High School Newspaper

Dear Editor,

                                I would just like to say that lunch should be longer. I say this because lunch is only thirty minutes long, and that’s not enough time for me to sit down and eat my lunch. I have the second lunch period of the day and I feel as though it’s the shortest, because it goes by quick. One reason why I say that we should have a longer lunch period is because the lines in the cafeteria are  very, very long and people like to move slow, an don’t really be in line they just play around.

                So that’s the only thing that I have a problem with, everything else is good to me I could care less about the lunch cause it is alright to me. But standing in the lines….Is just too much and it literally takes up like fifteen minutes to even get your lunch and by then you have to find a seat so you can sit down an eat your lunch.



                                                                -M. Smith

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Should Teens Have A Curfew For Safety Reasons?

One night a girl named Allisa was out late walking home from a party.  She was all alone in a dark alley where no one could see her.  Suddenly a man walked up to her and said “hey there cutie, where are you headed to this time of night?”  She continued walking, trying to ignore him, thinking to herself that it was very late and about time that she got herself home.  The man followed her, and she started walking at a very fast pace.  Soon the man said “where are you going sweet thang?”  She ignored him, and suddenly he grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall.  Poor Allisa started to cry and scream as loud as she could; fortunately the man let her go, and she ran away.  This dangerous situation could have been avoided if teens


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Is Home School The Best Thing For Students?

Around the world, many students are home schooled sitting by themselves, staring blankly at a You Tube Video or with their head asleep in a text book. The only things they can do when they don’t understand something is reread or rewatch what they learn with no one to understand how they learn. Students should not have the ability to take courses at home because they need social interaction and a learning environment free of distraction.


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It’s Good To Be Specific

There are two main goals that I’d like to achieve this nine weeks.  To begin with I’d like to make honor roll, which means bringing my math grade up from a C to a B, my English grade from a B to an A, and my earth science grade from a 42 F to a B.  One thing that will help make this happen is learning not to talk back to Ms. Stanson, my science teacher, even if she tells me to be quiet when I’m not even talking.  The last time she did this I suggested that she invest in a hearing aid or two, and that comment landed me in AIP for a day; I tried to do most of my makeup work but I still missed our in-class notes on continental drift and ended up getting a 12 on the plate tectonics quiz.

            My second goal is to get along better with my mom.  My mom means well but I sometimes feel like she wants to control every little piece of my life.  Last week, for example, I was watching “The Family Guy” on TV and she tried to get me to watch “Undercover Boss,” telling me that “Family Guy” isn’t an appropriate show for a young person to watch.  I got mad and threw the remote down on the couch, then stalked up to my room and spent the rest of the night writing on my friends’ Facebook walls and texting my cousin Brianna.  If a situation like this happens again I need to try to express my feelings to my mother without becoming angry.  I’ll tell her that I feel like I’m mature enough to understand that characters say and do things on TV that aren’t appropriate for people to say and do in real life, and if I’m mature enough to get this then I should also be ready to control what I watch and don’t watch on television.  If I react like that then no matter what she decides we at least won’t have an argument, which will allow a little more peace into both of our lives.

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Who Should Get Paid More?

If we were to argue
about athletes making money, who should make more money basketball players of
football? I myself would say basketball players because it takes up less space
than a football field. Also it has less equipment. I say this because, for one
I am a basketball player myself and I know that the NBA has more teams than the
NFL. One reason I say that
basketball players should make more than football players, is because
basketball only requires a few things to play the game. However, Football requires you to have a number of things like helmet,
shoulder pads, butt pads, thigh pads, and cleats e.t.c. In addition to
the football field and the football itself. Why spend all that money on those
things and then on top of that pay the players a nice salary. But, on the other
hand, basketball player only need shorts, jersey’s, shoes, socks, and of course
the basketball a court/hoop. For instance, one of
my friends K’Andre he plays football and they have to pay for just about
everything, except for the helmet and shoulder pads. In
fact, as I think about it for twenty plus years football was the main sport of
the nation. Until a man named James Naismith took two peach baskets and a
soccer ball. And
the very first game of basketball was played, they
didn’t know how the points worked in the game until they just figured out that
one basket made in the goal is one point. Ever since, then basketball
teams have arrived in major cities across the nation. The NBA has about three
more teams than the NFL. And their players on average make more money than they
do. But…they’re
some people who would say otherwise, Some would say that basketball is not more
popular or more entertaining. But I won’t agree with that. Basketball has a few
advantages than football. Like; a longer season and playoff season. Others
would say football players don’t get injured that much than basketball players
do. Which would be wrong because at least five players in each football game.
And their injuries take longer to heal than basketball
injuries. Most of their injuries also affect them in the future. In
Conclusion, I think basketball players make more than football players. I said
this because football requires a lot of work and is more complex than
basketball. Basketball is a simple sport that is easy to play.

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Book Review

          The best time to read a good book is when your alone. You have nothing to do, so you go look for a book and I found this. “The Last Book In The universe”, which was really the last book that I was interested in. It’s written by Rodman Philbrick and the main character is name Spaz. The book takes place in something called “The Urb”. And the main character has to steal to make a living. But really, I underestimated this book because I thought this book was gone be about a paper man, but it’s actually interesting.

          In the beginning of the book, Spaz was going to people’s houses and basically robbing them of everything they have. He wasn’t in the gang called “The Bangers”, and he wasn’t a gummy (which means old person). When he first started doing this it was easy, until he came upon one gummy who gave him a hard time. What the old man was trying to do was to persuade Spaz to take everything. Except……the only books left on the planet.

         The setting in “The Last Book In The Universe” is North America or the world in general, After a global war. Everything on earth was ruined, ashes are now where major landmarks and famous places use to be. Few people are left on earth, and the few who are left are either gummies, are with the bangers, or just victims waiting to be robbed. Oh! And of course the local law enforcement.






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Great minds don…

Great minds don’t think alike, they think for themselves

Philosopher Minded

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